Easy – low-cost travel insurance for globetrotters

Travel insurance

Peace of mind for travel abroad at an unbeatable price. If you travel several times a year, our Easy travel insurance plan offers affordable cover abroad even in an emergency.

If you have a skiing holiday, city break or beach holiday planned, your basic insurance covers only standard benefits for emergency treatment, transport or rescue operations. The Easy supplementary insurance plan includes key benefits for travel, covers additional costs and offers rapid help abroad through Sanitas Assistance.

Your benefits with Easy

  • Covers 90% of the costs for emergency outpatient treatment abroad
  • 100% of the treatment costs for hospitalisation abroad
  • 100% of transport and rescue costs

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Rapid assistance abroad

If you have an accident or fall ill abroad, Sanitas Assistance is on hand to help. Our medical hotline organises your support and care, covers all advance payments and organises transport, including return travel to Switzerland. Sanitas Assistance is a great help if you’re unfamiliar with a particular country’s healthcare system or are travelling alone.

Sanitas Assitance Hotline: +41 44 446 47 47

Optimal insurance coverage

The Easy plan can only be taken out in combination with one of the following insurance plans:

  • Basic insurance 
  • Dental 
  • Dental Basic 
  • Capital
Basic insurance
Choose a basic insurance model that meets your needs:
  • Five models for basic insurance
  • Free choice of doctors, telemedicine, family doctor or HMO practice
  • Premium discount of up to 15%
To the models
Dental & Dental Basic
Supplementary insurance plans for a bright smile
  • Eases the financial burden of dental treatment
  • Contributions to dental hygiene and preventive care
  • Available for minor and more extensive treatments
Dental insurances
Life insurance for greater financial security
  • Greater financial security in the event of disability or death
  • Lump-sum benefit paid regardless of other benefits
  • Closes gaps left by state social security benefits