Health insurance for immigrants, emigrants and cross-border commuters

Immigrating and emigrating

Health insurance works differently in each country. Switzerland has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Are you new to Switzerland or planning on emigrating? Special conditions for health insurance also apply for cross-border commuters.

Just arrived in Switzerland?
How health insurance works
  • Basic health insurance is mandatory in Switzerland 
  • Supplementary insurance plans are voluntary and subject to approval 
  • You are insured against accident through your employer
Information for immigrants
Cross-border commuter?
You live abroad and work in Switzerland
  • In which country do you have to take out health insurance?
  • What about your family?
  • What rules apply for

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Planning on emigrating?
Make sure you have the right insurance cover
  • Can you keep your basic health insurance in Switzerland? 
  • What happens with your supplementary insurance? 
  • Important information on international health insurance
Information for emigrants