Paying Sanitas invoices

Sanitas offers you various options for paying your premiums and claims settlements. It's easiest with e-banking, Apple Pay, TWINT or credit card. If you pay your premiums annually or semiannually, you get a discount. 

E-banking with eBill

The easiest method of payment for you and us: Log in to your bank or PostFinance e-account to pay the ebill from Sanitas. To do so, you have to add Sanitas as a new biller. In future you will receive invoices directly to your e-account with your financial institution. There you can check and approve payments with a single click.

More about eBill

Is my data properly protected when I use eBill?

Yes, the companies that use eBill have contractually agreed to keep customer data confidential and to use it exclusively to process payment transactions.

Apple Pay, TWINT or credit card

You can pay invoices via your e-banking account using the details on the paying-in slip. Or you can pay quickly, securely and confidentially using TWINT, credit card or Apple Pay (only available for Apple users). You can make the payment in just a few clicks directly in the Sanitas Portal.

Not signed up for the Sanitas Portal yet?

Do it now! Once you’ve signed up, you'll receive your invoices automatically in electronic form directly in the Sanitas Portal. Once you’ve registered, you will receive your invoices automatically in electronic form directly in the customer portal and in the Sanitas Portal app.

If you've signed up but still receive your invoices by post, you can switch at any time. Just contact the Sanitas customer service team.

LSV and Direct Debit: Direct debit with the right of revocation

You can pay your bills conveniently and on time by LSV direct debit. The invoice amount is deducted automatically from your account. You can revoke any payment in writing within 30 days. Direct Debit, the direct debit procedure offered by PostFinance, works in exactly the same way.