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For your travel or for overseas visitors

Travel & Guest Care

Anything can happen on trips abroad. Your appendix could burst while you're travelling around America, or your friend from Italy could break a leg. Our Travel insurance plan protects you against the financial consequences, while our Guest Care plan protects your visitors from abroad.

Travel holiday insurance: for your trips abroad

An appendectomy is a routine operation in Switzerland and costs around CHF 4,000. In the USA it costs up to CHF 30,000. Your basic insurance covers only double the amount of costs paid in Switzerland, so approximately CHF 8,000. You have to pay the difference, which in this case would be up to CHF 22,000. Travel covers all the costs.

Benefits of Travel

The Travel insurance plan covers all the costs of emergency treatment abroad, transport, and search and rescue operations. In emergencies, Sanitas Assistance offers support around the clock. Our emergency hotline organises medical care and transport, makes advance payments and covers the cost of an accompanying person or a visitor.

How to take out the Travel plan

You can take out travel insurance on a weekly basis for up to a year. The Travel plan costs CHF 12 a week for individuals and CHF 30 a week for families.  

You can take out insurance online or by phoning our customer service team. Our advisors are available from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm on 0800 22 88 44.

Guest Care insurance for your visitors

Costs tend to be higher in Switzerland than abroad. The same is true of medical care. If your friends from abroad don’t have travel insurance or their cover is insufficient, an accident during a mountain hike, for example, can be costly. With the health insurance plan for visitors you can protect your friends against the financial consequences of accident or illness.

Your benefits with Guest Care

The overseas visitors health insurance covers all the costs of emergency treatment, transport and search and rescue operations in Switzerland and the Schengen area. Your visitors can choose from three categories:


  • General ward (multi-bed room with KVG/LAMal doctor)
  • Semiprivate ward (2-bed room with private doctor; can only be taken out up to the age of 65)
  • Private ward (single room with private doctor; can only be taken out up to the age of 65)


In emergencies, Sanitas Assistance supports your visitors around the clock. Our emergency hotline organises medical care and transport, makes advance payments and covers the cost of an accompanying person or a visitor. Hotline: +41 (0)44 446 47 47

The cost of Guest Care

You can take out the guest insurance plan by month, up to six months (0844 150 150). The monthly premium depends on the age of the insured person and the category they choose. Calculation according to the insured person's age in the calendar year in which coverage commences.

  General Semiprivate Private
0 to 18 years
CHF 140
CHF 240
CHF 290
19 to 25 years
CHF 190
CHF 290
CHF 370
26 to 30 years
CHF 250
CHF 350
CHF 450
31 to 40 years
CHF 270
CHF 400
CHF 520
41 to 50 years
CHF 290
CHF 450
CHF 590
51 to 60 years
CHF 320
CHF 500
CHF 670
61 to 65 years
CHF 350
CHF 550
CHF 750
Over 65 years
CHF 350
Not insurable
Not insurable