Sanitas & Compact: premium information 2021

There’s good news for 2021, because premiums are set to remain stable for most customers. You’ll find the most important changes here.

Changes for basic insurance in 2021

There’s good news for around 53% of Sanitas customers and 19% of Compact customers, as their basic insurance premiums remain the same.

In terms of premium adjustments, Sanitas will be slightly above the market average in the next year. Across all Swiss health insurers, the average premium increase in 2021 will be 0.5% on the average premium.

There’s good news for young adults, too: 19 to 25-year-olds continue to benefit from attractive premium discounts..

Please note that numerous factors can affect your premium (fictitious examples):

Premium region

Your health insurance premium depends on the premium region you live in. The Federal Department of Home Affairs (EDI) decides which municipality belongs to which premium region.

Insurance model

If you choose an alternative insurance model for your basic insurance, you benefit from discounts and a central point of contact for health queries. The discount varies depending on the model you choose.

Elective deductible

By choosing a higher deductible than the standard one, you can save money on premiums, but you also bear a greater financial risk in case of illness. For children up to age 18 the minimum deductible is CHF 0.

You also have to consider whether you need to addaccident insurance: If you work for more than eight hours a week with the same employer, you have accident cover through your employer pursuant to the UVG/LAA and don’t need to include accident cover under your basic health insurance.

You’ll find your premium in the policy document that you receive in October.

Discounts for alternative insurance models

There are various basic insurance models that offer the same benefits. The only thing you can choose is who you want to contact first for health matters. The greater the cost savings the model achieves by optimising treatment pathways, the higher the premium discount compared with the standard insurance model:

  • Network model Medbase MultiAccess: Discount of between 13% and 20%
  • HMO model NetMed: Discount of between 8% and 18%
  • Telemedicine model CallMed: Discout of between 9% and 13%
  • Family doctor model CareMed: Discount of between 7% and 10%
  • Telemedicine model Compact One: Discount of between 15% and 21%

Save money with an elective deductible

Sanitas offers the maximum possible discounts for deductibles. Choosing a higher deductible automatically lowers your monthly premium, enabling you to save more than CHF 1,500 a year. This option makes most sense if you rarely go to the doctor or normally use the Medgate medical hotline. Bear in mind that you have to be able to cover costs up to the amount of your deductible plus the maximum copayment of CHF 700.

You can adjust your deductible quickly and easily in the customer portal. You can see instantly how your premium changes with a higher deductible.

Deductibles for children (up to age 18)

  • CHF 0 (standard)
  • CHF 100: save up to CHF 70 a year
  • CHF 200: save up to CHF 140 a year
  • CHF 300: save up to CHF 210 a yea
  • CHF 400: save up to CHF 280 a year
  • CHF 500: save up to CHF 350 a year
  • New: CHF 600: save up to CHF 420 a year

Deductibles for adults (from age 19)

  • CHF 300 (standard)
  • CHF 500: save up to CHF 140 a year
  • CHF 1,000: save up to CHF 490 a year
  • CHF 1,500: save up to CHF 840 a year
  • CHF 2,000: save up to CHF 1,190 a year
  • CHF 2,500: save up to CHF 1,540 a year

Standardisation of children’s discounts

Sanitas has decided to standardise the discounts for children. In concrete terms, this means that the discount has been slightly increased for the first child and slightly reduced from the second child onwards. This way all children benefit from the same discount. Standardised discount:

  • With Sanitas: 77,5% of the adult premium
  • With Compact: 77,5% of the adult premium

Why has the premium increased for my children?

In standardising the discounts for all children, the discount for the first child has been increased from 75% to 77.5% for Sanitas and 77 percent for Compact. The discount for all further children has been reduced from 80% to 77.5% for Sanitas and to 77% for Compact. The individual premium for your children also depends on your place of residence, your insurance model and your chosen deductible. You’ll find these in your insurance policy.

Differences in NetMed discounts

As of 1 January 2021, Sanitas will offer three discount variants for the NetMed basic insurance model. Sanitas wants its customers to be able to participate more transparently in the cost savings generated by the different networks of physicians. You can benefit from different discounts depending on the family doctor or practice you choose.

The handy doctor locatorshows you quickly and easily which discount variant your medical contact is assigned to.

Who decides which discount variant my family doctor is assigned to?

Your family doctor or practice is affiliated with a network of physicians. The networks of physicians and Sanitas have concluded contracts designed to boost the quality of medical care and cut costs. These cost savings are achieved by optimising treatment pathways and coordination, and they influence the premium discount. Sanitas calculates these discounts each year based on the cost savings achieved by the networks of physicians. To assign the networks of physicians to a specific discount variant, the costs savings of the previous year are taken into account. In other words, each network of physicians is assigned to a discount variant based on its performance.

I’m not happy with the fact that my discount has been reduced. What can I do?

If you’d like a higher discount on your NetMed family doctor model, you have the following option: Choose a family doctor assigned to a higher discount variant. You can check which discount variant a practice is assigned to at However, if you want to remain with your family doctor, the specified discount for 2021 is final and cannot be changed.

Changes for supplementary insurance in 2021?

Premiums for most of our customers will remain the same or change only slightly. For supplementary insurance, the situation depends on your chosen product line or plan.

Premiums for the following supplementary and hospital insurance plans in our current sales lines remain stable in 2021:

  • Classic and Jump
  • Sanitas Hospital Top Liberty, Extra Liberty, Standard Liberty and Hospital Upgrade
  • Dental and Dental Basic
  • Planning a Family
  • Medical Private


There are changes for the following supplementary insurance plans (list not exhaustive):

  • Easy: premiums for Easy will be 50% lower than in 2021.
  • Family: the premium for 0 to 18-year-olds will increase by around CHF 5 per month. The premium will remain unchanged for insureds age 19 and over.
  • For Sanitas semiprivate supplementary hospital insurance plans (Hospital Comfort, Hospital Comfort Liberty, Hospital Comfort Plus Economy / First / Luxury, Family Comfort), with the exception of Hospital Extra Liberty, there will be an average premium increase of 0.8%.
  • Wincare General Hospital: for a large majority of insureds under the Wincare Listenspitäler (listed hopsitals), Nicht-Listenspitäler (non-listed hospitals) and General Hospital plans, premiums in 2021 will fall.
  • Wincare Natura: the premium will increase by 5% for all age groups.
  • SCPC (s-care, h-care): Slight premium reduction for Basic 1.
  • HIP Medical expenses, accident semiprivate and private: The premium increases by 15%
  • There are also tariff adjustments in the Allianz line.