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Initial phone consultation around the clock

Initial phone consultation around the clock

If you have a question relating to your health, it’s often sufficient to talk to a doctor or medical professional before going to a doctor in person. For example, if you have a cold that’s lasting longer than normal and aren’t sure what to do.  

Step by step: how CallMed works

  1. Contact Medgate via the Sanitas Medgate app.
  2. You receive advice and define a treatment plan with Medgate.
  3. If necessary, make an appointment with a doctor or specialist.
  4. Receive treatment.
  5. The doctor sends us the bill, and we take care of the rest.

Key benefits of basic insurance

Anyone who is resident in Switzerland is obliged by law to have basic health insurance in order to ensure basic medical care for all. All health insurers cover the same benefits under basic insurance.


For example:

  • Treatment with a doctor or specialist throughout Switzerland
  • Hospital treatment in the general ward of your canton of residence
  • Cost share towards emergency treatment worldwide
  • Medicines, laboratory tests or medical aids

Take out insurance online now

With CallMed you save 9% on your premium compared to the Basic standard model for basic health insurance.


The amounts listed are for maximum benefits and, unless specified otherwise, are valid for each calendar year. Benefits are granted only in accordance with the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG/LAMal) and the corresponding ordinances, and the general terms of insurance and applicable supplementary terms issued by Sanitas.

Free initial consultation with experienced doctors

You can contact our telemedical hotline (0844 12 365) around the clock, even from abroad. The Medgate doctors will advise you and tell you what to do next. If your Medgate doctor recommends that you seek treatment, you can choose which doctor you go to. You must remember to contact Medgate before going to the doctor. This helps us avoid unnecessary costs, and in return you get a discount on your premium.

You don’t have to contact Medgate in the following cases

  • Emergencies (but you have to inform Medgate within 10 days)
  • Gynaecological check-ups
  • Maternity benefits
  • Vaccinations
  • Dental treatment


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