CallMed – The telemedicine basic insurance model

CallMed – The telemedicine basic insurance model

Three good reasons for choosing CallMed

  • Up to 9% premium discount
  • Medical advice by phone via Medgate on all health matters, particularly before going to a doctor or hospital
  • Free choice of deductibles

CallMed, the telemedicine mandatory basic insurance model offered by health insurer Sanitas, involves an initial consultation by phone for all health matters. This means you get free advice from a medical expert who will take a thorough look at your case and tell you immediately whether you require treatment, and if so, what.

Because telemedical advice reduces the treatment costs, you benefit from attractive discounts on your basic insurance premiums, and a lower cost share.

You don’t have to seek telemedical advice in the following situations:

  • Emergencies (here you must notify the hotline following treatment)
  • Gynaecological check-ups
  • Maternity care
  • Vaccinations
  • Dental treatment
A telemedicine model from Sanitas with attractive additional benefits for families
Compact One: streamlined health insurance for uncomplicated people
  • Premium discount on your basic insurance
  • Binding medical consultation by phone
  • Attractive additional services for families, including a free children’s health hotline
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