How Sanitas Compact One works | Sanitas health insurance

How Compact works

Simply well insured

Compact insurance gives you easy access to healthcare with a binding medical consultation by phone – free of charge, around the clock, and all over the world. You take care of most of your insurance affairs online, and benefit from a wide range of services including a free children’s health hotline and a free emergency nanny referral service.


It’s very easy with Sanitas Compact One

  • If you have any health problems you first seek advice from a doctor on the medical hotline
  • You can take care of administrative matters any time via the Sanitas customer portal, or from 9 am to 2 pm by phone
  • Families benefit from additional services including a free children's health hotline and emergency nanny referral service



In the following cases you can go directly to a doctor:

  • Emergencies (you notify the medical hotline within 10 days)
  • Maternity examinations, including childbirth, and gynaecological check-ups
  • Treatment for children up to age 6
  • Vaccinations
  • Dental treatment



You keep your invoices (bills from doctors, therapists, chemists, etc.) and send them in together only once you have reached your annual deductible.

Exception: As a customer with access to the Sanitas customer portal you can send us your bills any time (even if you haven’t yet used up your deductible) via the portal.

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