Telmed: medical advice around the clock

Initial telemedical consultation means that you must always consult a Medgate doctor by phone or video first. Then, depending on your chosen Telmed model, you either have a free choice of doctor or your Medgate doctor draws up a treatment plan for you. With Medbase MultiAccess, you can also contact a Medbase medical centre or a Medbase pharmacy first.

Free medical advice around the clock
  • Premium discount of between 7% and 14%
  • You always contact Medgate for medical advice
  • Your Medgate doctor advises you and recommends a course of treatment
  • Medgate provides support for the duration of your treatment
Compact One
Low-cost basic insurance with digital consultations
  • Premium discount of between 9% and 27%
  • Contact Medgate for medical advice
  • Your Medgate doctor advises you and draws up a personal treatment plan with you
  • This treatment plan is binding
Compact One
Medbase MultiAccess
Choose flexibly from medical center, telemedicine and Medbase pharmacies
  • Premium discount of between 12% and 18%
  • You can always choose who to contact: Medbase medical centre, telemedicine centre or Medbase pharmacy
  • Your chosen contact provides initial medical care and coordinates any further treatment as necessary
  • The Medbase network of experts offers easy access to the right specialists
Medbase MultiAccess