Important information for Sanitas customers

Every year we strive to offer you attractive premiums. Unfortunately, not all premium increases can be avoided. This is particularly true for regions with rising healthcare costs, as these play a key role in premium increases. Here you will find information on premiums developments, frequently asked questions and answers, deadlines and useful money-saving tips.

Money-saving tips
How to save money on your premiums
  • Switch to an alternative insurance model to benefit from attractive premium discounts
  • Change your deductible
  • Exclude accident cover
Money-saving tips
Good to know
Frequently asked questions
  • Why premiums are increasing?
  • What are environmental levies?
  • Why healthy people pay the same premiums as sick people?
To the answers
How your age affects your premium
  • Discounts on basic insurance for children and young people
  • Switching age groups under supplementary insurance
  • What you need to know
More information
General information for 2023
  • Moderate premium adjustments in basic insurance for the majority of our customers
  • A few adjustments for supplementary insurance plans
  • Premium discount for the Hospital Top Liberty private hospital insurance
More information

New hospital insurance

More and more procedures are being carried out on an outpatient basis. This means that you have to leave hospital on the same day. With Hospital Day Comfort you benefit from a private standard of hospital care for outpatient procedures at an attractive price.

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Why are premiums increasing?

We answer the most important questions.

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