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Sanitas & Compact: premium information 2020

Good news for a large majority of Sanitas and Compact customers: your basic insurance premiums will remain stable in 2020.  

Changes for basic insurance in 2020?

There’s good news for around 80% of Sanitas customers and 66% of Compact customers: your basic insurance premiums will remain the same.

In terms of premium adjustments, Sanitas will therefore be below the market average in 2020, Compact slightly above. Across all Swiss health insurers, the average premium increase in 2020 will be 0.2% on the average premium.

Your specific premium is determined on the basis of your place of residence, age group, selected insurance model, deductible and inclusion/exclusion of accident cover. You’ll find your premium in the policy document which you will receive in October.

Attractive discounts

  • Young adults
    19 to 25 year olds continue to benefit from attractive premium discounts. Sanitas offers them a discount of up to 35% on the adult premium. Young adults insured with Compact benefit from a discount of up to 20%. The reference value is the standard premium for adults (Sanitas Basic/Compact Basic, deductible of CHF 300, with accident)
  • Alternative insurance models (AIM)
    Our customers also benefit from discounts on alternative insurance models for basic insurance:
    • up to 13% with the CallMed telemedicine model
    • up to 15% with the Compact One telemedicine model
    • up to 10% with the CareMed family doctor model
    • up to 15% with the NetMed network of physicians (HMO) model (your family doctor is affiliated with a network of physicians)
    • up to 19% with the new Medbase MultiAccess HMO model
  • Elective deductibles: We offer the maximum possible discounts for deductibles (see box). You can change your deductible quickly and easily yourself in the customer portal. You can see instantly how your premium changes with a higher or lower deductible.
Elective deductibles
Discount per year
CHF 500.– max. CHF 140.–
CHF 1000.– max. CHF 490.–
CHF 1500.– max. CHF 840.–
CHF 2000.– max. CHF 1190.–
CHF 2500.– max. CHF 1540.–

Choosing a higher deductible automatically lowers your monthly premiums, enabling you to save more than CHF 1,500 a year. This option makes most sense if you rarely go to the doctor or normally use the Medgate medical hotline. Bear in mind that you have to be able to cover costs up to the amount stipulated in your deductible plus the maximum copayment of CHF 700.

Changes for supplementary insurance in 2020?

Premiums for most of our customers will remain the same or change only slightly. For supplementary insurance, the situation depends on the chosen product line or plan.

The following supplementary insurance plans for the current sales lines remain stable in 2020:  

  • Family
  • All supplementary hospital insurance plans
  • Easy
  • Medical Private and SCPC (s-care, h-care)

There are changes for the following supplementary insurance plans:

  • Dental: For 26 to 40 year olds, the premium increases slightly by around 7%. This means that premiums remain stable for 80% of Dental policyholders.
  • Moderate premium increase for Classic. Nevertheless, around 80% of Classic policyholders affected by premium adjustments will have a very low premium increase of less than CHF 1 per month.
  • For Jump, the premium for 19 to 25 year olds increases by 15%, for 26 to 35 year olds by 10%. This is equivalent to an increase of between CHF 2 and CHF 2.20 per insured per month.

Framework agreement discounts

Companies, organisations and professional associations benefit from special terms when they conclude a framework agreement for group health insurance. Sanitas is legally bound to conduct an annual review of these discounts and adjust or cancel contracts as necessary, for example if the number of insureds is too low. You’ll see in your policy, which you will receive in October, whether you are still insured under a framework agreement and continue to benefit from special terms. In any case, you are still insured with Sanitas and your insurance cover remains the same.